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Morgan boards OKs deficit budget

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Red ink is splattered across Morgan County’s 2011 ledger book.

County commissioners still passed a $6.3 million budget Monday, even though projected expenses exceed revenue by $279,000, which is 4.4 percent of the General Fund budget.

“It has been a lengthy process that no one in this office is 100 percent satisfied with,” Chairman Bill Meier said.

“We feel as a board that there are so many uncertainties that it encumbered the process and made it difficult to come to a consensus,” Vice Chairman Brad Zeller said.

All departments, services and materials have remained constant in terms of requests.

“Several offices have reduced personnel through attrition,” Zeller said. “In the past two years, this office is the only office to take a cut, and both times we lowered the capital budget.”

He said commissioners will carefully review income and expenses over the new few months to determine whether cuts need to be made.

Much of the problem is tied to the state’s budget mess, which has Illinois officials delaying payments made to municipalities. The state is about four months behind what it owes Morgan County: $61,341.44 for April, $80,257.42 for May, $42,794.41 for June and $60,143.15 for July.