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Giuliani: Brady's planned cuts right on

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

BLOOMINGTON - The high profile help continues for Bill Brady.

Former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani raised $100 a plate for Brady in Bloomington and the two had an evening event in Chicago. Giuliani was also in the state to raise money for Illinois Republican Mark Kirk's bid for U.S. Senate.

The former mayor said Illinois is one of the states where the GOP could make big gains this fall, and he said Brady is just one of the candidates that should take a Democrat's seat. But Giuliani had little specific praise for Brady.

"Illinois is not unlike New York, or California, or many states ... where we need good, sensible fiscal conservatism at the helm so that the state [can] try and figure out how you spend less money."

Giuliani said he had met Brady before and knew of his work in the Illinois Senate and his career as a home builder. That's better than Brady's opponent, Gov. Pat Quinn, Giuliani forgot Quinn's name when talking about the Blagojevich/Quinn administration.

But the former mayor did blame the two Democratic governors for what he said was out of control spending. He said Illinois, under a Brady administration needs to attack that spending with "massive cuts."

"You begin with the assumption that in (education, health care, and social services) there is overspending and inefficiency. If you cannot accept that assumption, then you are from Mars. Because there is overspending and inefficiency almost necessarily in government programs."

Giuliani did not offer specifics for Illinois, but did point to his 15 percent cuts to New York City's budget during his tenure.

Brady has been campaigning on a 10 percent cut to Illinois spending said once again he doesn't yet know where he'll cut "a dime in every dollar."

"You have to use tools like audits ... but the beginning assumption is that there is inefficiency in government."

Brady has said in the past that he may not be able to find specific cuts until he gets a clear picture of the state's finances. Though campaign officials say they are beginning that process now.

Gov. Quinn's campaign said they're not surprised another Republican, even though he's from out of state, proposing massive budget cuts.

"Brady's campaign trail proposals for our budget and economy would be disastrous. To offer tax cuts for the rich, Brady admits that he is willing to add $1 billion to our deficit. His draconian budget cuts would gut our state services, negatively impacting schools, public transportation, healthcare, and public safety," said Quinn spokesperson Mica Matsoff.

The $100 a plate lunch in Bloomington brought out a large crowd, and brought more money to what Illinois Republicans say are swelling campaign coffers.

Illinois GOP Chairman Pat Brady said events like Giuliani's visit are proof of a new momentum in the race for the governor's office.

"We're post Labor Day, Bill's up 13-points today, and we're attracting national attention now. They see this as Republicans taking a governor's mansion that's why this is exciting."

A new Rasmussen poll shows Brady with a 13 percent lead over Quinn. That's the largest gap of the race so far. Chairman Pat Brady says it's proof that with just under two months until election day voters are making-up their minds and walking away from Democrats.