As Illinois citizens who are concerned about the state's future, we understand that restructuring the state's pension plans for current employees is crucial to prevent fiscal implosion. This will not happen without the support of your current elected officials. This is where YOU come in. Our elected officials won't change anything unless concerned citizens such as yourself demand reform from them.

Use this form to get contact information for your elected officials. Call and email them to tell them you support comprehensive pension reform. Calling them will have the greatest impact.

Please send the link to our website to friends and family – our legislators need to hear from their constituents.

Call and email your elected officials and ask for comprehensive Pension Reform.

Contact Your Elected Officials

Tell them it's time to address the state's pension crisis. It's easy:

  1. Enter your address to find your elected officials.
  2. Click the "Take Action" button.
  3. Call the number of your elected official.
  4. Read through the email provided and edit as you see fit.
  5. Send the email to follow up with your elected officials.
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