What You Can Do

The people of Illinois did not cause this problem.

But we all have to live with it. And it's going to be up to everyone to find a solution that saves our state, and is fair to all.

Help us fix it.

Tell your elected officials to pass comprehensive pension reform NOW.
We need real, common-sense adjustments to the pension system.
And stable funding to pay for it.

We recommend calling your elected officials for the biggest impact. It's easy, we'll help you find their phone numbers and also give you some suggestions on what to say, just click here.

We need to act now.

Before we shut down more social services, short-change students, and drive businesses from our state.
Before we face more painful tax increases.

Putting it off just makes it worse.
The retirement debt is growing every year.
The longer we wait, the more it will cost to fix it.